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Sabic Lexan Polycarbonate Sheets


Arihant plastics is the wholesale distributor for Sabic Lexan Polycarbonate Sheets.

Solid Lexan Sheets are clear & polishedá polycarbonate sheets. They offer extreme impact strength that exceeds the physical properties of other products of their class. Lexan sheets exhibit high optical clarity and combines High Impact & Temperature resistance up to -100 to +120 ░C.

Sabic Lexan clear 9030, 9034 & GP Series is a clear transparent sheet with high light transmission dependant on thickness between 84 - 87%. Lexan 9030 sheets are standard Lexan sheets without UV nor mar resistance with optical clarity and can be utilized for secondary glazing behind existing glazing for economical protection breakage or intrusion. Lexan 9030 sheets can be cut, Sawn, Drilled and milled by using standard workshop equipment without the risk of cracking or breakage and is therefore an excellent candidate for fabricating a wide range of indoor applications such as machinery guards etc. Lexan 9030 sheets can be easily thermoformed into complex parts while retaining its excellent properties necessary for demanding applications such as vandal proof street furniture. Lexan 9030 sheets may be decorated using a wide variety of modern techniques such as painting & screen Printing.

Sizes : Sabic Lexan 9030 Sheets are available from 0.8mm to 12mm Thickness with standard sizes of 4' x 8' & also 2Mtr x 3Mtr in some thickness.

Sabic Lexan Clear U.V. Sheets combines impact strength of Polycarbonate Sheets with a Proprietary of U.V. Resistance surface treatment on both side that protects it from weathering. Lexan U.V. sheets in only polycarbonate glazing material backed by a ten year Limited warranty against Yellowing, Loss of light transmission & Breakage. Lexan U.V. Sheets Provides long Lasting Clarity over a wide range of weather conditions and environments. Lexan U.V. Sheets improves serviceá life & reduces life-cycle material costs. Lexan U.V. Sheets is well suited for all types of vertical glazing & over head applications such as Skylights covered walkways & barrel vaults.



Imported Acrylic (Perspex) Plastic Sheets (Offcuts)


Acrylic plastic sheet is highly aesthetical and possesses the best optical properties among all transparent thermoplastic materials. It has an excellent resistance to the effects of long exposure to sunlight, chemicals, heat and weathering. Also, it is breakage resistant sheet available in transparent, translucent and opaque colours with a superior gloss finish. Hence, acrylic plastic sheet is used for various applications in different industries like those of light fittings & fixtures, advertising, building, furnishing and furniture, sanitary articles, agriculture, automobiles, marine, defence and aviation, to name the important ones.

Imported Acrylic (Perspex) Plastic Sheets are available in both below 3' L&W ordi, polythene & pasted paper and above 3' L&W ordi, polythene & pasted paper types. The thickness values can range anywhere from 1 mm to 110 mm.  Rates vary depending on the thickness and the colour of the sheet sought for and are calculated on a per sq. ft. basis. Also, we offer special prices for acrylic sheets of sizes 8' x 4' and 6' x 4'. 



Polycarbonate Sheets


Polycarbonate Sheet is an amorphous resin which offers a unique combination of mechanical, optical, thermal, and electrical properties offered separately by metals, glass, and other plastics. It is light-weight, highly transparent, energy efficient, break and abrasion resistant sheet available in a variety of grades and gauges that can be used alone or in component systems. Due to these characteristics polycarbonate sheet products provide an unmatched combination of visual appeal, durability and excellent light transmission. Compact Polycarbonate Sheets are best suited for high impact architectural and safety applications. These are available in transparent, coloured, or tinted forms. Typical applications include glow-signs, skylights, exterior canopies and roof glazing. Embossed Polycarbonate Sheets provide very good stability under use and environmental factors. These are excellent for applications requiring light diffusion and privacy glazing like in shower cubicles, or toilet windows. Multi-wall Polycarbonate Sheets offer the best strength to weight ratio and excellent insulation characteristics. It is best suited for partitions, false ceilings, roof lights, sky lights and green houses. Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets have an excellent fit for installations like terrace gardens, garages, verandah extensions etc. as well as industrial northlighting and striplighting at minimum structural cost.



P. V. C. Sheets


Besides being abrasion and corrosion resistant, with excellent weathering and electrical insulation properties,  Industrial rigid PVC sheets are also resistant to stray acids, alkalies, salt solutions and other chemicals. They are used for fabrication and lining of tanks and vessels in chemical industries. Non-toxic rigid PVC sheets are used specially for fabrication of storage tanks and processing tanks for portable liquids. Decorative rigid PVC sheets are used for making trays and other novelties. Flexible PVC sheets are used as packing/padding material in the storage tanks. U.V. Stabilized PVC flexible sheets are resistant to stray acids, alkalies, salt solutions and other chemicals. They are used as window material for jeep canopies.



P. P. Sheets


Homopolymer polypropylene sheets are a tough material with excellent fatigue resistance, chemical resistance and electrical insulation properties. As such, they are extensively used as construction material by industries in textiles, sugar, pharmaceuticals, organic & inorganic chemicals and electroplating sectors. Besides, they are also used for lining of tanks, fabrications work, acid containers etc. Co polymer polypropylene sheets have a marginally better impact strength than homopolymer polypropylene sheets and are generally chosen for manufacturing files, folders, video cassette covers and other stationery items. These sheets not only have an increased resistance to creasing and a wider heat scaling range, but also come in various colours and, therefore, suit all the requirements of the stationery market. Reinforced polypropylene sheets have adequate toughness, dimensional stability and high heat resistance because of which they are mainly used in door lining, roofing etc., in automobiles. An added advantage is the various colour options in which these sheets are available making possible their mixing &  matching with the upholstery of automobiles.

Poly Propylene Sheets are available in 1,1.35 x 2 metre sizes with thickness values being 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 8.0, or 10.0 mm. Rates are calculated on a per sq. m. basis depending on the thickness of the chosen sheet. Instead of sheets of natural colour you could also go for sheets of grey colour at slightly higher rates.



P. P. G. L. Sheets


PPGL is polypropylene sheet laminated with glass woven fabric. The inline bonding, due to the lamination process, gives the sheet optimum bond strength. The glass fabric provides a key for subsequent application of a polyester resin, glass fibre or glass matting reinforced coat. The composite also provides enhanced product performance with respect to improved mechanical and high temperature resistance properties. The combination functions more than adequately for the construction of storage tanks, vessels, ducting and piping structures, where metal and cement have been used in the past but are liable to corrosion and hazards of crack formation and weathering. It finds applications in the mining and sugar industries and specially in the steel industry for pickling tanks.

3.0 mm and 5.0 mm thick PPGL Sheets in grey colour are available in 1.35 x 10 metre size. Rates are calculated on a per sq. m. basis and on the basis of sheet thickness.



H. D. P. E. Sheets


High density polyethylene sheets are similar to polypropylene sheets in performance except that they have a lower melting point, heat more uniformly and are capable of being formed into deep drawn products, are impervious to acids, alkalies, greases, oils and has no known solvents. Used for storage tanks, industrial containers, fish boxes etc.

Natural Colour HDPE Sheets are available in 1,1.35 x 2 metre sizes with thickness values being 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, or 8.0 mm. Rates are calculated on a per sq. m. basis and on the basis of sheet thickness.


Acrylic Studs


Aadeenath Group is the sole distributor of Acrylic Studs, They are very easy to handle & weightless material which is manufactured by use of high grade quality Plastic Raw Material. It is used in glass / plastic doors / Boards for fastening two parts together. They are very easy to install.

Our offered stud is made available in number of sizes and shapes to meet vast necessities of our clients. Clients can avail this stud from us at market leading price. Prices starts from Rs.20 (Per Piece) and vary on different sizes.


  • High quality
  • Convenient range of price
  • Long durability
  • Good efficiencies


  • 18 x 18mm
  • 18 x 22mm
  • 18 x 30mm
  • 18 x 35mm

Sizes Available

  • 18 x 48mm
  • 22 x 22mm
  • 22 x 30mm
  • 22 x 48mm



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