Aadeenath Group came into existence in 2009, formerly it was known as Arihant Plastics, thanks to the efforts of the young and dynamic entrepreneur Mr. Jeetendra Shah, who foresaw the impending growth in demand for plastic products of all kinds and decided to do something to cater to the same. Now the business has emerged into modern world by introducing many new products and taking Arihant Plastics to new heights with a new name, 'Aadeenath Group'. Over the next few years the venture will be a success with an ever-widening clientele and a progressively increasing turnover. This led Mr. Shah to go in for an overall expansion of the operations of Arihant through an increase in product portfolio that Arihant dealt with.

Aadeenath Group is mainly known for its quality, quantity and economy in prices. Aadeenath Group will follow the same policy of Arihant and grow the company to new heights without disappointing the clients. Once clients come to Aadeenath, many don't see a need to look any further.

Just to give you an idea of the depth of Aadeenath's product portfolio, we would like to inform you that Arihant has the widest range of Acrylics in Bangalore. Right from the sheets that are 0.5mm thick upto those that are as much as 300mm thick can be checked out at Aadeenath. With respect to Acrylic sheets alone Aadeenath has over 15 fabricators working under its guidance. To date, Aadeenath is the main dealer in Bangalore dealing with Acrylic pipes, rods and other special items. A testimony of Aadeenath's onus on giving the customer is the widest possible choice of product options.

Besides the regular bouquet of services it offers, Aadeenath is also readily willing to impart its expertise in choosing just the right kind of acrylic or polycarbonate sheet for a particular requirement of the client.

Aadeenath, on its part, promises speedy delivery of the ordered goods be it to any part of India that the shipping is to be made. In case of prime cities like Delhi and Mumbai, Aadeenath is even capable of delivering the shipment within 24 hours of receiving the order.


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